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List Large – Hover Waves

Logo Production

To come up with a logo that becomes a globally recognizable symbol is the goal that every designer should set for themselves. We did it last year.
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Video Technology

For those who love videos, animation and motion graphics, we have come up with a new project that displays the technology in action. Enjoy!
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What to Watch

We make it interesting to air your advertisement online or on TV. Check out the commercial presentation, as well as our social media ads app.
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Candy Bar

The sweet design was developed for our favorite candy store. If you loveand adore your clients, you start to love the work you do for them.
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Showroom Dakar

Rue Aristide Le Dantec
+221 33 822 84 64

Showroom Rufisque

Route de Rufisque
+221 33 859 80 90

Showroom Saint Louis

Rond-point route de Khor
+221 961 18 18

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